Automated Business System Testing Made Easy with Virtuoso


Monique Swanepoel


Content Writer


We know that the automation of testing apps that are critical to businesses is a big deal, especially as DevOps need to test and release faster than ever across several platforms and applications. That’s why we’ve set up a webinar to show just how perfectly Virtuoso can be leveraged to meet your needs. Anyone on your team can own and implement the testing, regardless of engineering skill.

Join us to find out all about end-to-end testing of business-critical processes. See how to author, execute, and maintain testing processes at speed and scale in a step-by-step demonstration. Be there and you will:

  • See how to author test using a mix of Natural Language Programming, V-Capture, requirements & autonomous generation
  • Witness how Virtuoso tests business workflows in systems such as SAP, Salesforce, AX, Oracle and many others
  • Discover how to get  in-test API interactions and learn how to store dynamic data and responses
  • Learn how to overcome common business system issues (iframes, dynamic elements, secure access)
  • Observe how easy it is to build testing workflows for conditional test execution
  • Understand Virtuoso’s CI/CD/DevOps integrations

Thursday 15th July 2021,
4pm Berlin / 3pm London / 10am New York / 7am LA

Be brave - with us, testing automation of business systems isn’t so scary at all!
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