Applications of AI in Virtuoso

Published on
August 29, 2023
Sneha Christall & Tessa McDaniel
Marketing Department

Check out our overview of all our uses of AI within Virtuoso!

AI is on the up-and-up lately, but with many assertions that everything new uses AI, what about Virtuoso’s claim to AI fame? In this blog, we’ll discuss Virtuoso AI, our host of AI-powered capabilities that leverage human-AI collaboration for quality testing and faster time-to-value.

AI Extensions Assistant

As you know, Virtuoso is a low-code test automation tool that enables testers to write tests in plain English. With our AI Extensions Assistant powered by Generative AI, we also offer the ability for users to generate code out of plain English commands and extend the platform capabilities by using custom JavaScript snippets.

Take certain advanced or specific scenarios where you may need to use JavaScript to create a Virtuoso extension. You may want to generate zip files when you input a zip file URL, or your extension could depend on external libraries.

As your requirement is very specific and would need a bit of coding magic, Virtuoso’s AI Extensions Assistant helps do this bit for you! All you would need to do is type in your request in plain English, and the AI Extensions Assistant will generate the JavaScript code you’d need.

Here’s all our technical documentation on our AI Extensions Assistant.

Test Data Generation

Ever put a date into a field as MM-DD-YY only to realize that it’s a DD-MM-YY field? That’s just one example of the data used to test that invalid inputs don’t bring your entire system crashing down. Manually generating consistent, realistic test data at scale is a mammoth task. With automated test data generation, test scenario results better reflect reality, increasing confidence in testing and saving time.

Virtuoso’s AI-powered assistant now helps you auto-generate test data right within the Virtuoso platform. All you have to do is to describe the data table you need for your tests (in terms of structure and content), and our assistant will do the rest for you.

You can also read our technical documentation on data-driven testing here

Intelligent Object Identification

Our Intelligent Object Identification uses heuristics-based bots to intelligently identify elements based on the given input. Whether it’s a simple line of text or certain fields of a form that need tweaking, we’ve got you covered. Instead of just looking at the text (which wouldn’t be bug-proof in the slightest), our bots dive into the DOM and collect all selectors, IDs, and attributes to build a model of the element. Sometimes IDs can change if you simply alter the color of the element and text isn’t a reliable factor to base tests on, so our Intelligent Object Identification grabs up all identifiers to build a model for our self-healing!


Virtuoso’s incredibly smart algorithms also power our self-healing, which uses our Intelligent Object Identification to ensure that your tests don’t break! By building a model of each element using all the selectors, IDs, and attributes available, when one of them gets altered, Virtuoso intelligently recognizes that it’s still the same object— it’s just changed a bit. No more flaky tests, no more bugs that aren’t real bugs. You’ll get a notification that the steps in your test journey have been healed and you can choose to accept the changes or not (fun fact: over 95% of our self-healing changes are accepted by our users!).

If you want to know more about Virtuoso’s AI-powered capabilities, book a demo with one of our expert team members, and they’ll show you how to leverage all the benefits of AI-augmented test automation for your business!


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