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The Journey to Full Test Automation

Published on
November 15, 2021
The Journey to Full Test Automation is a leading platform that helps coaches, coaching companies, and organizations worldwide schedule and manage their coaching practices. Read about their journey to full test automation. is an all-in-one coaching platform for scheduling engagements, managing invoices and payments, processing client feedback, and more to enable coaches to scale their practice and stay on top of things. See how scaling organizations like can successfully build in test automation processes to achieve full test coverage and daily regression testing for their quality-first web application.

“Using Virtuoso has created tremendous efficiencies at! Before using the platform, we performed a lot of time-consuming manual testing. Once we started running automated tests we felt a huge sense of relief knowing that Virtuoso was testing our core functionality. This enhanced our platform’s reliability and allowed us to focus on building new features.”
- Gina Cross, QA & Product

Pain point struggled to scale their testing as the amount of processes and workflows under test grew exponentially. A shortage of resources paired with usability constraints across the application meant that bottlenecks in testing and limited test coverage were commonplace in their quality assurance process. They were in need of a comprehensive solution that would help expand their regression testing, provide their QA team with a structured testing process, and assure automation of intensive manual testing practices.


  • Manual and time-consuming testing of core functionalities in web application
  • Stuck in a loop of building tests while new features were being produced
  • Testing backlogs leading to delayed releases
  • Required testing of complicated processes such as storing validations and scheduling
  • Needed to expand testing into wider regression pack
  • Limited resources (one manual tester)


  • Virtuoso released the new feature ‘reusable checkpoints with tags’ on request to enable testers to pull across steps in journey for faster automation of manual processes.
  • Using the Virtuoso planner, they built out ‘happy path’ end-to-end regression tests that run daily to cover core functionality testing of their application.
  • Put automated journeys in place to deal with shortages in testing, with Virtuoso allocating resources to build out examples that could be replicated and customized for’s specific use cases. 
  • With Virtuoso’s support, the manual tester was able to upskill into full automation and grow from basic assertions and NLP-based test authoring to complicated extensions and deeper testing across the application into areas that were previously untouched.


  • Automated testing of 19 workflows covering 150+ processes. Of these, 5 workflows include working cleanup steps to automatically fix errors that are found during testing
  • Successful daily regression testing for’s US-based application with the intention to expand testing coverage to Toronto, UK, and other internationally-based platforms.
  • Creation of fully automated test plans for E2E processes including account creation, settings, reporting, invoicing and payments, in-app video capabilities, marketplace, bulk uploads, and more. 
  • Virtuoso’s extensions and integrations were used to build out scripts and tests to maintain processes in the application that involved both coaches and their clients, such as complicated booking processes.
  • Reactive customer support channels means that could make use of Virtuoso’s resources to achieve customized automated quality assurance processes to build and execute tests faster than ever before.
  • is confident in the value they continue to gain from building out regression testing with Virtuoso, which affords them the time to focus on perfecting the functionalities of their web application. was able to automate testing across 19 major workflows that include more than 150 end-to-end processes.


By embracing Virtuoso as the vehicle to perform quality-first test automation for their web application, were able to eliminate issues such as slow and manual testing, ineffective regression testing, and usability testing constraints. They now enjoy full testing coverage across the majority of their core application workflows and continue to use Virtuoso to expand regression testing into less prominent parts of their application. 

This digital transformation was made possible by Virtuoso’s intelligent automation features including authoring tests in plain English and executing journeys in parallel for any processes and workflows, whether live or in production. Virtuoso capabilities such as self-healing tests that utilize probability-driven algorithms to catch changes were utilized, along with snapshot captures that ensure tests catch every visual regression, every time’s testers have benefitted from learning new test automation skills and continue to work alongside Virtuoso’s customer support and engineering teams to find the best solutions for their rapidly-scaling dynamic application that is used by thousands of leading coaches and companies worldwide.

It’s your turn to leverage Virtuoso! Virtuoso’s intelligent automation capabilities are suitable for organizations and enterprises of any size. Book a free demo to see how we can help you automate every step of your testing process.

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