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Empowering the QA team to put quality first for e-commerce

Published on
October 19, 2023
Empowering the QA team to put quality first for e-commerce

Portaltech is part of the Reply group specializing in Customer Experience and Commerce solutions. Focused on digital customer experience, the company offers its services across diverse industries.

Pain point

Testing in the context of e-commerce is crucial to ensure the smooth and secure functioning of online stores and provide an optimal shopping experience for customers. Therefore, there is a need to provide expeditious quality assurance for multiple projects in parallel in different environments. This strains the QA team, especially when regression tests are required.


  • Time-Consuming: Manual testing can be extremely time-consuming, especially when repetitive tests need to be performed. Testers have to execute test cases step by step, which can slow down the overall development process.
  • Resource-Intensive: Manual testing requires a dedicated team of testers, which can be costly for organizations. Hiring and training manual testers add to the resource overhead.
  • Human Error: Testers are susceptible to error, leading to inconsistent test results and potentially missing defects. Fatigue and boredom can also impact the accuracy of manual testing.
  • Limited Coverage: Manual testing may only cover some possible test scenarios, as testers may focus on the most obvious or critical ones. Comprehensive testing is difficult to achieve manually.
  • Repetitive Tasks: Testers often must repeat the same test cases across multiple iterations, which can be monotonous and demotivating. This can lead to decreased productivity and job dissatisfaction.
  • Scalability Challenges: Manual testing becomes increasingly difficult to manage as software projects grow in complexity and scale. It may only be feasible to manually test some aspects of an extensive application.
  • Costly and Inefficient for Regression Testing: Regression testing involves retesting a system after code changes, which can be expensive and inefficient when done manually. Testers must re-run many test cases, which can lead to delays and increased costs.


Virtuoso has a low learning curve and does not require coding experience. It provides easy maintenance with auto-healing elements, cross-browser, cross-device, and API testing. Furthermore, it allows faster analysis by producing snapshots of each test step and can be integrated with many tools and processes.Increased efficiency: Virtuoso allows faster and more efficient testing by automating repetitive tasks and executing test cases in parallel.

  • Improved accuracy: Virtuoso reduces the likelihood of human error by automating the testing process, resulting in more accurate and reliable test results.
  • Better test coverage: Virtuoso enables teams to test many scenarios and test cases, improving overall test coverage and reducing the risk of undiscovered defects.
  • Cost savings: Virtuoso can help reduce the overall cost of software development by minimizing the need for manual testing and increasing the efficiency of the testing process.
  • Continuous testing: Virtuoso supports continuous testing, allowing for faster feedback and quicker resolution of issues.
  • Integration with other tools: Virtuoso integrates with other automation server pipelines, like Jenkins, and software development tools, such as JIRA, making it easier to manage and execute tests within a larger development workflow.


Portaltech started out with a team of manual testers who couldn’t keep up with the demands of ensuring the quality of their e-commerce website. After switching to Virtuoso, automating their test suite, and writing authoring over four hundred and six active journeys, they found that they were executing, reporting, and maintaining tests 74x faster. Each journey has an average of thirty to fifty steps, and the ability to author with Natural Language Programming enabled the QA team to get up and running with robust tests. Portaltech also saw cost savings of over 40% within their first quarter of using Virtuoso.

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