Case Study

Intelligent test automation in no time

Published on
May 5, 2022
Intelligent test  automation in no time

Myplanet is a modern software studio that produces digital experience platforms to help shape the way businesses use technology

Through data-driven design, applied AI, and adaptive UI, Myplanet supports sophisticated data-informed journeys through digital experience platforms so that organizations can utilize technology in the best way possible.

Pain point

Myplanet was in need of an automation solution to address the problem of tight project deadlines. The solo QA tester was required to provide full coverage for the increased test load within strict timelines, a problem which could be addressed with the help of intelligent test automation.¬A robust, reliable solution that would allow them to rapidly scale their testing could help - and that’s where Virtuoso stepped in.


  • Ensure comprehensive test coverage within tight deadlines for upcoming project
  • Scale testing in a reliable way for a rapidly growing product
  • Achieve fully functional regression testing, especially visual testing
  • Increase the quality of software to ensure that the client’s priorities for high software standards were taken into consideration
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of testing resources on multiple projects that are in different stages of development


  • Virtuoso’s snapshot feature provides an Image Overlay feature, which overlays snapshots of the application so that users can swipe between versions of the app and see any changes/moved elements. This addressed Myplanet’s pain point of ensuring that visual requirements are covered , even on their dynamic application.
  • Virtuoso’s sophisticated test automation capabilities such as auto-scaling and element auto-healing helped achieve extensive test coverage within a tight deadline. Tests were run in parallel in the cloud, saving vital overhead.
  • Myplanet applied their existing resources to Virtuoso and successfuly scaled their testing, in addition to putting reliable test automation in place for faster execution and reliable deployment - saving time and effort in less than one week!
  • They were able to expand their test coverage to suit their needs, without extensive ramp-up or additional testing resources.


With Virtuoso, Myplanet was able to implement intelligent test automation for functional and visual testing within tight deadlines. They found the test scenario structure in Virtuoso’s platform easy to understand, and continue to benefit from Virtuoso’s device hive with the combinations of devices that their business requires to uphold their quality-first web application. Sophisticated visual regression capabilities in the platform allows them to catch visual regressions down to pixel level, ensuring that the app is functionally and visually on par with their client’s desired requirements and free of unwanted regressions. The execution planner feature allows them to schedule and maintain oversight over testing processes, ensuring that any deadlines in the future are met well within the required timeframe - and that without expanding their testing team or undergoing a long transition period while onboarding with Virtuoso. Now that’s how you save time and money under pressure!

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