Case Study

Full test automation with no QA team

Published on
May 5, 2022
Full test automation with no QA team

KIDLY provides an effortless experience for children and adult shoppers, with products tested by little ones and approved by parents before reaching the shelves.

Pain point

KIDLY did not have any designated test engineers or a dedicated QA team. The responsibility for any type of testing fell to a small team of Engineers whose primary task is the development and maintenance of KIDLY’s retail-focused web application. They needed a solution that would reduce the overhead generated by manual testing, and increase test coverage without acquiring more resources. The solution had to have a low barrier to entry for fast adoption.


  • No dedicated QA team or test engineer
  • Needed to reduce the amount of manual testing during the SDLC
  • Hoped to increase test coverage and put a system in place for different types of testing without disrupting the team’s day-to-day responsibilities (retail never sleeps!)
  • Required a stable, sophisticated solution where tests could be quickly authored and easily maintained
  • Needed a solution that would scale testing without requiring additional technical skills or upskilling from their existing development team


  • Virtuoso scheduler helped KIDLY implement a test suite that successfully flags issues before deployment.
  • Test automation allows KIDLY to spot feature changes for which tests weren’t updated ahead of merging, which means earlier detection of bugs and errors.
  • KIDLY is able to run different types of tests with Virtuoso, including advanced features, visual changes, load performance testing, data-driven testing, and brand assurance testing.
  • The Virtuoso team supported KIDLY engineers to ensure seamless integration with their existing tech stack and helped build a regression suite suitable for their available resources and technical skills. No additional team members were required, and with Virtuoso’s natural language syntax the team could author tests in no time at all.
  • Intelligent test automation was put in place so that testing could start as early as the design and development phases of the SDLC.
Virtuoso has been fantastic and supportive at onboarding us and getting us up and running with a suite of tests.
- Natasha Bates, Lead Front-end Engineer


KIDLY has gone from having no dedicated testing team or QA engineers, to having a fully automated testing suite in place that requires minimal effort from their development team to author and maintain. Virtuoso will continue to be integrated into the day-to-day work of their engineering team and has drastically increased the scalability of testing and quality assurance processes in the organization. The low entry barrier that requires no upskilling or intensive ramp-up means that KIDLY engineers were able to avoid disruption to their normal work day and still put together a comprehensive, robust test plan that can be run at any time, in any intervals. “You need a QA team or at least a test engineer to implement proper testing...” - myth busted!

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