Case Study

Committing to quality first in test automation

Published on
May 5, 2022
Committing to quality first in test automation

Cabot Financial is a debt purchasing company that offers financial services to assist customers in managing their debt repayments.

Pain point

Cabot Financial sought a solution that would increase the quality of their application without affecting the speed of their testing process or limiting the capacity of their existing QA team. They hoped that a solution could be put in place not only to achieve quality-first software, but also to work more efficiently, increase productivity, and unlock the ability to run automated regression tests on a daily basis.


  • Ensure a reliable, quality-first software application that meets the needs of their customers
  • Increase productivity in the least amount of time and speed up testing processes, without expanding the current QA team or upskilling staff
  • Automate and run a daily regression suite, with the ability to schedule tests at any interval
  • Author, maintain, and execute tests that can be run in different environments
  • Achieve better visibility and insight into testing processes for a more thorough feedback loop


  • Virtuoso helped Cabot Financial utilize their existing resources by providing an intelligent test automation solution that is easy to understand, requires no installation or ramp-ups, and eliminates the need for upskilling.
  • They were able to build out a regression suite for daily testing. With Virtuoso’s execution planner, tests were scheduled to run at the desired intervals across various environments and levels.
  • Virtuoso’s reporting dashboards provide clear details about the state of the application, while organization management capabilities allow users to assign projects and spread the testing workload effectively across existing resources.
  • Cabot Financial was able to speed up testing using Virtuoso’s Natural Language Programming (NLP), which allows tests to be authored in plain English. They can now create data-driven, self-healing tests in natural language to speed up test automation while scaling it at the same time.
Now we finally have good visibility of tests, which can be split out by different levels and areas. It’s great that Virtuoso’s entry threshold is so low!
- Olga Tsylko (QA Engineer) & Darya Mirnenka (QA)


Cabot Financial witnessed just how low the entry threshold is for getting started with Virtuoso’s intelligent test automation. They were able to put consistent regression tests into place for daily automated testing, thereby optimizing their use of resources to ensure the best possible quality for their software application with the least amount of effort. The team has also gained better visibility of tests, and appreciates the flexibility that Virtuoso offers in being able to run tests both together and separately. They are continuing to increase the business value gained from using Virtuoso by building out new test cases and exploring the many smart features on offer.

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