The Future of Testing Tools

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Thursday, 26th January 2023,
4pm Berlin / 3pm London / 10am New York / 7am LA

Testing is hard and expensive. And the complexity of increasingly distributed architectures combined with end users' expectations of pace and quality is just making it harder. Well … then all we need is to automate and our problems will be gone, right? Easier said than done.

As most seasoned technologists will tell you, test automation projects go from dream to nightmare quite quickly. As in most cases, the reasons for disappointment are way more than just tools. But it’s undeniable that the tools you choose have a significant impact on the success of your test strategy. The right tooling, with the right capabilities and vision, can be a true game changer. Not only for each organization but, most importantly, for the quality of life and success of each person invested in the quality of their software.

So, where are testing tools taking us? What should we realistically expect them to do, and how will anyone involved in creating software applications and products benefit?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The main challenges of testing

  • A vision for the future of testing tools

  • How Virtuoso is seizing the opportunity and leading the change

Your host

Andrew Doughty: CRO and co-founder at Virtuoso, Andy believed there was a real opportunity to make a difference to how companies carried out testing through a combination of bold thinking and new technology. He has extensive experience working with companies, helping them improve the way they approach test automation

VP of Product, Bruno Lopes is part of an outstanding team of people who push the boundaries of what Virtuoso can do to become the best testing platform ever created. His bald head gives away too many years of experience solving problems with codeless & automation solutions. A reluctant expat out of Portugal, Bruno currently enjoys the wonders of London with his wife and 8-year-old daughter.