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Robotic Test Automation Features
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Creating Testing Automation

Creating Test Automation

  • Autonomous Test Generation - Let Virtuoso’s bots explore and map your app to save vital overhead

  • Natural Language Programming (NLP) - Empower your entire team to author tests in plain English

  • Intelligent Object Identification - Ensure your tests behave as a human would and author tests before your app is developed

  • Capture - Compliment your NLP scripts by recording real user interaction with your UI, then let Virtuoso replay them.

  • API Testing - Harness the power of NLP at your app's API level

  • Extensions - Get absolute control over your tests and empower engineers to extend Virtuoso’s NLP

  • Extensions Library - Find ready made solutions for the most complex tasks with Virtuoso's regularly updated library

Creating test automation
Self-maintaining automation


  • Intelligent Element Discovery - Do away with brittle selectors and XPaths and find elements intelligently to create tests from wireframes

  • Element Auto-Healing - Let Virtuoso take care of test maintenance by automatically adjusting tests to deal with changes to elements

Test Execution

Test Execution

  • Auto-Scaling - Dramatically reduce execution time by running tests in parallel in the cloud

  • Steps - Let Virtuoso prepare and clean up your environments prior to each execution

  • Enhanced Execution Get the control you need with advanced execution controls and detailed sync reports

  • Execution Targets - Effortlessly select and switch between different target environments

  • Tagging - Search and identify journeys in a flash

  • Execution Planner - Create execution plans and schedule them to run once or recurrently at times that suit you

  • Imports - Use data from CSV, API calls, or saved in Virtuoso in your tests

  • Cross Browser/Devices Testing - Execute tests against different browsers, browser versions, OS’s, real devices, and resolutions

Test Execution
Visual regression and snapshot testing

Visual Regression and
Snapshot Testing

  • Visual Regression - Ensure your app meets visual requirements by identifying UI changes between releases

  • Image Diff - Automatically detect changes through the comparison of screenshots with a previous baseline snapshot

  • Image Overlay - Visualise UI changes by overlaying two snapshots enabling you to swipe between versions, quickly find moved elements using opacity, and show pixel-by-pixel changes

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

  • Application Graph - Virtuoso robots discover and build an interactive graph of all the paths through your app

  • Application Intelligence - Understand your app with full page screenshots, source and state during execution, page resource breakdown, browser logs, warnings and errors, and page performance stats

  • Rules Based Testing - Automate your custom parameterised requirements covering content, UX, functionality, and non functional testing

  • Directives - Get complete control and programmatically customise exploration

Exploratory testing
Extensions and integrations

Extensions and Integrations

  • Integrations industry leading DevOps, project, and test management tools

  • API allows the use of Virtuoso backend technology directly

  • Webhooks allow external applications to listen to Virtuoso events

  • Flow allows sequencing and orchestration of processes and decision trees

  • Apps can integrated securely with Virtuoso UI and receive Virtuoso events

An image of the updated Virtuoso dashboard

Management and Dashboards

  • Dashboards and Reports - Instantly understand the state of your app and testing with clear results that show the progress of projects and goals

  • Organisation Management - Effectively distribute work across your team by assigning projects, monitoring results, and controlling permissions

  • History - Virtuoso maintains a version history of user and system changes to track progress, perform rollbacks, and audit testing

Management and dashboards

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