How We Ensure High Availability

Published on
November 23, 2021
Tessa McDaniel
Content Specialist

Keeping your site up and running is our highest priority. How do we make sure it stays working? Here’s a detailed snapshot of how.

Availability is crucial! If your site experiences downtime, then you could be losing about £4100 ($5600) per minute. Luckily, Virtuoso can help! We can ensure high availability, which, on the off chance that you don’t know, means that we host the backup servers and ensure they’re running smoothly in case something happens to your actual servers. Let’s see how:

Self-Healing Infrastructure 

Virtuoso’s self-healing, highly distributed architecture can automatically react to service faults to protect your data, and we run live tests in the background 24/7 to ensure availability. Virtuoso has an “always-on” nature that lets you leave the complex infrastructure maintenance to us so you can focus on what’s important: the testing. So, what exactly are we working on in the background? 

Automated Monitoring 

Well, we want every aspect of Virtuoso to be the best it can be, After all, it’s #QualityFirst! We use “holistic integrated monitoring”, so Virtuoso can monitor every aspect of your site at once. Our highly-automated tools can provide a central view of platform health and performance. This is a very fancy way of saying that we use the best tools available to us so we can respond to incidents on servers as quickly as possible. Because of the 24/7 testing mentioned above, Virtuoso can monitor changes to the platform to identify defects and analyze performance. This is the advantage of using “shift-right testing”, which means that there is continual testing after a site has been published. Our automated systems alert our teams instantly to minimize recovery time so your downtime is as short as possible. Is your next question “How do we know when there’s a problem?”

Avoiding Downtime

It all comes back to automation! Virtuoso takes daily snapshots of the database with your information to create a versioned history to refer back to. We then hold onto this backup information for 30 days. If anything happens to your site, there are several versions for you to choose from. We use such vigorous procedures and our teams run disaster drills so we can turn worst-case scenarios out of our control into manageable blips.

By guaranteeing that you have high availability, Virtuoso can get you back up and running ASAP if there is even a hint of a problem. You also always have access to your data since the recording is automated. So, book a demo today to let Virtuoso work for you and deal with the technical side of things so you can focus on the testing!

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