Robotic Test Automation:

Virtuoso combines Natural Language Programming, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning to empower anyone to create the most complex of tests. Remove testing as a bottleneck to the modern software development process and scale in the cloud. We call it Robotic Test Automation.

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Unlock your speed, scale and quality

Write robust, intelligent tests in plain English 10x faster
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Never miss a visual regression with snapshot testing
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Build one test and scale on multiple browsers & devices in the cloud
Self-maintaining Automation
Obliterate test maintenance by 85% with self-healing tests
More automation, less engineering

Test automation that speaks your language

Now anyone can not just author automated tests but author robust automated tests that are fit for the future of testing.

Virtuoso harnesses the power of Natural Language Programming (NLP) to author effective tests regardless of their complexity. If you can write a manual test you can author automated tests as fast in Virtuoso right now. If you can write in English you will be authoring tests in minutes. Combine Virtuoso’s NLP with our built-in Capture or Exploration and get the flexibility to author tests how you want.

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Exploratory Testing

Generate tests that think like a human would: Intelligently

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to create tests and don’t even think about searching for an XPath or CSS selector.

Virtuoso uses Intelligent Element Discovery along with advances in Machine Learning to make your tests behave as your users do. Given a hint, Virtuoso bots intelligently identify page elements which in turn allows for self-healing tests.

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Creating test automation
More automation, less engineering

Self-healing tests

Obliterate your maintenance overhead and make brittle regression test suites a thing of the past. 

As Virtuoso intelligently identifies objects it can re-identify elements, even when the page or element structure changes. Ensuring that your tests behave like your users do time after time.

Free your team from the monotony of manually fixing tests when a page or element changes and level up on your speed of releases and the overall quality of your products.     

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Visual regression and snapshot testing

Ensure that your UI is always ready for release by automatically being alerted to visual changes.

Let Virtuoso take snapshots of your application then use these as a baseline and run tests to identify any changes. Visualise the evolution of your UI and compare changes in its state from the look and feel all the way down to the pixel level.

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Build once, test everywhere, miss nothing

Get access to 2000+ browsers and real devices to securely run your tests in the cloud at scale.

Effortlessly create any and every environment to run your tests regardless of browser, operating system, or device. Run tests in parallel at times that suit you and your business’ needs and be safe in the knowledge that you’re producing and maintaining quality in every environment.

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Creating test automation
More automation, less engineering

No application, no problem: Don’t wait before you automate

Build robust, fully functional, and fully automated tests from simple wireframes.

Shift testing further left than you ever dreamed possible. Build automated tests from PDFs, wireframes, or even something you knocked up in MS Paint, before a single line of code is written. Ensure speed and quality by early test authoring and validating code the second it is pushed. Let Virtuoso give you a good run-up at in-sprint test automation. Release faster, with greater test coverage, and without you and your team ever breaking a sweat.

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Import requirements, and automatically get a test structure

Guarantee that your software meets your business requirements from the second they are created.

Import requirements and let Virtuoso automatically generate a test structure. Get fast feedback to establish if requirements are fit for purpose and testable. Build and run tests to validate that your application meets those requirements at every point in development.

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Creating test automation
More automation, less engineering

One script to test them all

Get native API, visual regression, and functional testing in one tool and unlock reusability across all your QA activities.

Use Virtuoso’s test structure to take journey’s through your application and perform an array of tests at any given point reducing scripting, execution, and maintenance costs. Receive separate and detailed reports for each testing activity to ensure that each meets their requirements and different approaches are respected in the same process. Then allow Virtuoso to kick your maintenance overhead out of the park by intelligently healing any “broken” tests.

Don't just take our word for it

See what our clients say

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Virtuoso is very intuitive, which means creating comprehensive automated tests to replace manual test steps is easily done.

Clare Goldstone, Business Solutions Analyst, Leaders Roman Group

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Virtuoso’s NLP abilities proved that anyone can add functional test automation with ease. Our team uses Virtuoso everyday for testing any new feature developed, as well as to maintain a regression base that enables us the power to run cross platform testing.

Debojit Gogoi, QA Manager, Macmillan

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Very convenient tool, saving a lot of manual testing. It's a way to be worry-free when releasing new stuff.

QA, Valutico

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Virtuoso's natural language test authoring is fast and easy to use. This has enabled the whole team to automate at pace. We look forward to working with the exciting new features planned in the near future.

Majella Pinto, Technical Engineer, Expleo

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Easily integrate with your tech stack

Seamlessly plug in with minimal disruption. Spend more time delivering and less time configuring.

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Virtuoso Integrates deeply into you development processes on Github.

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Microsoft Teams

Get notified on MS Teams when a journey or plan fails or doesn’t meet your execution thresholds.

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Configure Virtuoso to notify you on Slack on failures and unexpected outcomes.

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Easily integrate Virtuoso with your development process, and commit Virtuoso tests and results along with your code.

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