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Virtuoso offers a comprehensive set of testing solutions that will quickly scale your company’s testing capabilities
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Key features that will transform the way you test

Virtuoso’s feature will simplify your testing and accelerate your QA process. Letting you do more of what you do best, and less of what you do most.

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Powerful features for tenacious testers

Autonomous Testing
Virtuoso’s self-driving tests exhaust every functional aspect of your application and explore it like a real user, producing a comprehensive interactive application graph.
NLP Test Authoring
Virtuoso’s intuitive NLP engine authors tests in plain English that can be executed immediately. The NLP engine is designed to be highly accessible and easy-to-use.
Application Snapshots
Virtuoso produces a snapshot for every state of the application at both page and element level so you can automatically identify changes in the application.
Self-maintaining Tests
Virtuoso’s tests are self-healing. This means they are able to maintain themselves - even when the application changes drastically - by remapping the elements and repairing the tests.
Test Data Management
Virtuoso gives you the ability to test your application with managed data sets imported via CSV format/API integration, or real-time/periodic replication.
Cross Platform Execution
With Virtuoso you can execute your tests across a wide range of different browsers, devices and resolutions without any manual configuration.
Execution Planner
Virtuoso plans, schedules, and measures test executions to identify potential issues by analysing the execution data over time.
Visual Regression
For every exploration, every page navigated to, Virtuoso automatically takes a snapshot of the application to provide side-by-side comparisons.
Application Intelligence
Virtuoso gathers data and metrics on every state of the application and analyses it to provide early alerts to potential problems.
DevOps Integration
Virtuoso’s webhooks and API are designed to make it compatible with your existing defect tracking, incidence management, and reporting tools.
V Capture
Quickly teach Virtuoso by performing actions in the browser and save them as a test. You can then take this test and rerun it with a single click.
Machine Learning
Virtuoso uses Machine Learning to consolidate unique sets of pages and states into an application graph and combines with the NLP engine to generate test suites.

Features to supercharge your testing & QA.

Whether it's authoring at speed, reducing maintenance efforts, rapid visual regression or something else - Virtuoso has you covered.


Easily integrate with your tech stack

Seamlessly plug in with minimal disruption. Spend more time delivering and less time configuring

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See Virtuoso in action with an online demo

We’d love to show you how Virtuoso works and answer any questions you may have. If you love it we’ll even run it in your application.

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