Careers at Virtuoso

Head of Engineering

Published on
February 8, 2024

Virtuoso uses AI, ML, NLP, and Robotic Process Automation to run a test automation tool that gives you the speed of low-code/no-code paired with the power of scripted test steps.

About us

Virtuoso's mission is to enable and lead the world's quality-first revolution. The field of QA has not kept pace with the software industry's transition to CI/CD. We are fixing that.

Virtuoso has reimagined how software is tested by developing a game-changing platform that is already being used by the biggest names in software. We passionately believe that anyone should be able to create and maintain tests regardless of their technical skill and that quality is a key driver for change and growth. The latest advances in AI and Machine Learning have been leveraged to produce test automation software that thinks like a human, empowers everyone to test, and for the first time delivers on the promise of codeless test automation. Achieving remarkable success has become a business-as-usual activity for us and we need to rapidly expand our team for that to continue to increase. Want to join the quality-first revolution? Then read on.

About you

As Virtuoso Head of Engineering, you're the driving force behind our rocketship to success. Your job? Assemble a killer team, nurture their genius, and lead the charge to engineering nirvana.We're all about top-notch developer experience here. You'll streamline processes, break down barriers, and keep our team firing on all cylinders.

Collaboration is key. You'll craft strategies that'll leave the competition eating our stardust, all while ensuring our software reaches legendary status.

Your toolkit? Packed. Leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making are your bread and butter. With over 5 years of engineering magic, you're ready to lead us to victory.

And you know what? You're not just a leader—you're a vital part of our team. Roll up your sleeves, dive into the code, and lead by example. Let's make history together, as a unified force driving toward our shared goals.

About the role

  • Build and support the engineering team through attracting and hiring extraordinary people at various levels of experience – developing a world-class engineering team.
  • Lead, inspire, mentor and further develop a team of high-performance engineers of all experience levels
  • Focus on developer experience (DX), and help the team stay happy, efficient, and productive by removing obstacles and optimising processes
  • Collaboratively help define engineering strategies and push for continuous improvement
  • Perform architectural, system design, and code reviews that improve software engineering.
  • Be prepared to wear many hats including hands-on development, and work closely with product and UX teams to effectively push the product forward
  • Empower the engineering team members with context rather than solutions, to help ensure that problems and business objectives are addressed, rather than building specific solutions
  • Build career development plans, and provide continuous feedback and hands-on career development to engineers

Our Tech Stack:

We know that as engineers you’ll have a mix of different skills, technologies, and experiences, so instead of a long, boring list of ‘skills’ or technologies we want people to have, we thought it would be more interesting to share the details of Virtuoso’s tech stack:

  • Java services (distributed architecture)
  • Languages: Java 17, Typescript / Javascript (ES6+) / Node.js, Go, Python
  • PostgreSQL for relational database
  • AWS
  • Datadog for logging, Prometheus for metric monitoring, Sentry for tracking errors
  • Terraform for infrastructure management
  • Vue.js ecosystem for Front-end
  • Figma and Mixpanel for our UI/UX
  • Slack / Google Meet for communication
  • Github for source control and Jira for project management
  • CircleCI for CI/CD -- your code goes live in 3 minutes after committing, whether in production or a branch (including testing and linting)!
  • Your favourite technology that can help solve challenges

What’s in it for you

  • The opportunity to bring your own ideas to reality (we love new solutions and ideas!)
  • Competitive salary
  • Team retreats every 6 months... somewhere nice because you’ve earned it!
  • Full Jetbrains pack license (IntelliJ et al)
  • Fully remote/flexible working
  • Weekly team lunch
  • A minimum £500 annual training and development budget
  • Private health insurance
  • Take your birthday as a holiday every year!
  • Sabbatical opportunities
  • Open-source contribution opportunities
  • A new laptop and/or use of your own equipment

If you’re interested in applying for the position, please email your resume/CV with "Head of Engineering Application" in the subject line to